NJ Diner recommendation - Morristown NJ area

We’re meeting my sister and brother-in-law this coming Sunday afternoon for a very late (2-3 p.m.) lunch - not brunch! - and they want to go to a NJ diner. They are staying in Morristown; we’re staying in Rockaway.

Reviews of diners in the area seem to hover around 3 stars. The Brookside Diner in Whippany would have been my choice but they close at 3 p.m., which doesn’t work for us.

Any suggestions? Many thanks.

Not a diner, but def a casual spot with good pub food and drinks. Was here in April for a MPAC concert and grabbed a meal.

I can’t believe Brookside closes at 3!!! WTH? Jersey diners are supposed to be 24/7! /rant

No clue how it is, but there is a diner IN Morristown: Morristown Diner

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Oops. They close at 3pm too

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Randolph Diner on Rt 10. They are open until midnight like a proper diner should be! And until 2 am Fri and Sat. Can’t believe those others close at 3.

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Ive been to the Randolph Diner (maybe an earlier version, it seems to have gotten even bigger!!)
It was good back then, varied diner foods, big servings. https://www.therandolphdiner.com/

But there is so much good food in Morris County why would anyone want to go to a diner?
what is it they want to eat?


When I lived in Madison, we called it “The Nauseous” YMMV

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They have pretty good food specials and a decent bar too. Cheap drinks.

Just don’t get their “buffalo” wings, as they are garbage.

That’s what the kids from Drew University called because the were nauseous when they walked in!

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Yes - I discovered that as well. We may have “dinner” at the Denville Dairy, though.

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Not sure why/what; maybe just because they’ll be in the diner capital of the world?

They nixed the Prestige Diner in New Providence because they drove by and decided there isn’t enough parking.

Best idea yet! That’s the ice cream of my childhood… I go every time I’m in town!