NJ Cream Ridge suggestions

I am in need of a restaurant suggestion.

It is going to be for a Monday around lunchtime. It’s going to be for a repast after a funeral service.

The cemetery is in cream Ridge. Some of the attendees are going to be driving a long ways to get to this funeral. I’m guessing there will be about 20 people coming to this meal.

Is there anything suitable in the area?

Mondays are tough - even the Happy Apple Inn is closed. I’d suggest taking 195 to 130 and hitting up one of the places in Robbinsville, maybe PJs Pancake House?

The Plumstead Grill on #539. They have a private room where I frequently see lunch groups from the cemetery.

My suggestion: Have the funeral somewhere else. lol (sorry for the loss) That’s a pretty vapid area, as seal pointing out on a Monday especially. (though I would call the place, sometimes they make exceptions for funerals)

The Plumstead Grill I’m familiar with (Is this the old Post?) and it’s a decent local place. I haven’t hung around the area much.

Another good restaurant on 539 is Ninuzzo, which would be suitable https://ninuzzo.com/ .

The reason I like Plumstead Grill for such a funeral repast is because they do them all the time and have a nice private room.

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Thanks for the suggestions. They ended up choosing the Plumstead Grill. They have an outside deck, and they covered the outside with heavy plastic sheeting. They also were running a heavy duty heater to ward off the chill.

They had two other groups there besides us. We had one very hardworking waitress, and she worked hard. The food was very slow in coming because the kitchen was obviously overbooked. The food portions were huge. That’s the best I can say.

It was just a place to meet, reminisce and talk, so I guess it fit the bill.