NJ.con best bagel rankings


Bantam Bagels are delicious little bagel bombs. They are frozen with a cream cheese filling, differing depending on the bagel flavor. They have a pretzel flavor that’s filled with a horseradish/cheese filling that’s to die for. Trouble is finding them. I’ve found them at Acme in Little Silver. Starbucks sells them individually. They are available by mail order but shipping cost as much as the bagels. I sent a variety pack of 36 to family in Florida for their Christmas morning. Such a treat. Oh-they’re on Bleecker Street in NYC.

(Junior) #22

I remember them from Shark Tank!

(Jeff) #23

Amazon sells them 6 packs of 6 with free shipping if you have Prime. Different varieties available but you have to buy 36 of the same at a time. I’ve never tried but I remembered seeing them.