Nine is an odd number - hot restaurants Houston

We’ve discussed a number of these here. Ginger and Fork and Skinny Rita’s are on my short list.

9 New Restaurants

Already been to Hoodadak and Uyghur, also interested in your two but will wait for some reviews from others. I’m also interested in the taco truck.

Methinks Sandler may have learned about Hoodadak here, so: the restaurant coverage on Culture Map really improved since you took over, Eric. Keep up the good work.

Eric didn’t learn about Hoodadak from Hungry Onion or your blog. The restaurant was already on his radar since their build-out last fall. I haven’t been to Hoodadak yet but plan to very soon to try it for myself. I’ve heard and read many good things about the food there.

I haven’t tried El Rojo either but I’m more interested in giving El Topo a shot. Their take on street tacos is different from other taco trucks in town. Local Houston recently wrote about them but the piece was kind of over-the-top.

Overall, this month’s hot list is decent considering most of the more notable ones (State of Grace, Bernadine’s) have been open a while now. A few more could have been considered like Nam Eatery in the Heights, Doux Cafe in west Houston and El Tiempo Cantina in Katy for starters. However, it’s understandable because there are so many restaurants, many under-the-radar to visit. I think April and May’s lists will be even better with the spring openings happening.

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Popped into Luchi & Joey’s last night for a “dessert taco” after sushi.

I ordered a Gringas which is citrus-marinated pork with white cheese and onions/cilantro.

Honestly? For $4, I would have preferred two tacos from the El Jarro truck a couple of blocks away. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re good tacos, but they’re not twice as good, however, I will go back and try some other things. They open at 6:30am and serve a variety of breakfast tacos, waffles, etc.

I hope they do a great business; (it will make the lines shorter at El Jarro!).

“El Tiempo in Katy”? I didn’t realize that’s what that is!

I drive right by that corner several times a week and noticed somebody is trying again but didn’t pay any attention. Figured they wouldn’t last long enough for me to care. This will be the fourth restaurant to try to make a go of it there in just the few years I’ve lived out here. Think I’ll stop by and help them out.

It’s getting very mixed reviews so far.