Nightshade Clam Shack

I’ve wanted to try Nightshade Clam Shack ( for awhile just could never get there when they are open. 11 am -2pm, Thursday to Sunday thru August.My house is being painted, backstairs rebuilt, … too much noise, too many people, I needed a change of scene.

Perfect day for a drive to downtown Lynn especially after I checked this week’s Special Box : Crispy Cod Cheeks, Scallops + Soft Shell Crab served with coconut ranch, gribiche, pickled green tomato remoulade, shrimp chips and a small cabbage salad.

Cod cheeks, scallops and 2 soft shells were almost flash-fried in a light dredge. All sweet, very fresh and delicious. Tried the remoulade with the soft-shells - it had just the right heat level & tang for me, cod cheeks : used the gribiche, the scallops : all 3 sauces. The shrimp chips were no where to be found but there were sliced, dredged and fried jalapeños! The small cabbage salad was lightly dressed, crunchy hint of lime , touch of heat.

My only regret was I was alone not willing to order more such as the Fried Salt & Pepper Clam Roll in a toasted brioche split top roll with green chili lime sauce, secret dressing, and hella herbs. Will definitely need to return soon.

Chef Rachel Miller is in the kitchen preparing your order. “Thank you, Chef” !


Looks like my idea of a dream summer meal. I need to figure out a way to make a field trip happen.

Thanks for sharing.


Is there parking? $28 ouch!

Thanks for posting! We drove up from Somerville to pick up take out several times during the pandemic, also stopping by for the fantastic pupusas (house made, not from frozen, like in Somerville!) at Estefani’s.

We loved the food. Very high quality with lots of special touches. Garlic noodles were amazing. Knowing the high quality, I think $28 for cod cheeks, scallops and 2 soft shell crabs and wonderful sauces seems very reasonable. We had no trouble parking during the pandemic.

I hope to get up there next weekend. We can’t justify the cost of the restaurant tasting menu and I can’t eat that much anyway. The Clam Shack is a great way to enjoy Rachel Miller’s fantastic food, for which she has received many well-deserved accolades. The Sin City Superette is one example of her devotion to the community in Lynn.


There is street parking, also outdoor seating.
Considering 3 made from scratch sauces, the freshest seafood sourced from Wulf’s, the cost of operating the restaurant and Rachel Miller doing the cooking - $28 is reasonable for what brought me such delight.


I agree with you, Madrid.

Since you mentioned Sin City here’s the link : Sign up for the weekly newsletter with specials. If they have chicken & sausage gumbo, dirty rice and or hummingbird cake order one or all.

One thing I noticed is there are limited take out options from Nightshade Noodle Bar available 5pm-6pm the evenings the Noodle Bar is open .
Click on take-out, scroll down. One of the options is the luscious garlic noodles.


If I had a way of getting up to Lynn, I’d be all over this place. That looks delicious!

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If it was a shorter drive for me to get to Lynn from Somerville, I’d go every day the clam shack is open! Unfortunately it’s way too far to go twice in one day, especially, for the lunch clam shack and getting garlic noodles and other delicious things take out for dinner.