(Nifty) Gadgets

Saw this arancini mould/maker thing in an Italian food mag. Pretty nifty.
Don’t know how well it works but the crazy price… Eur. 60?!

I loved eating arancini in Sicily. So.Fa.King.Good! And I don’t even like rice! Shatteringly crispy on the outside, chewy soft rice on the inside. Cheese filling is the best, though.

Don’t want any more gadgets and don’t do deep-frying at home. Would love to go back to Sicily just for the arancini.


There’s a guy at the local farmers market just does arancini. They freeze well and reheat in the oven, keeping nicely crispy on the outside. He varies the fillings - regulars are ragu, cheese, mushrooms and smoked haddocks ones.


Do L’Eggs pantyhose still come in plastic eggs? If so, problem solved at no extra charge.


I haven’t seen panty hose on a woman in a long time and it’s a good thing. I don’t know how many times I or my wife bought some only to snag the next day rendering them useless. Waste of money.

Pantihose are like ties–most people don’t wear them out of choice. Back in the day, when companies had dress codes for women that prohibited pants (God, I feel old!), they also frowned on bare legs, and required suits and ties (or at least jackets and ties) for men.

Ah, the Good Old Days–boy, did they suck!


I don’t buy gadgets. Tools are a different thing entirely.

This looks like a gadget. Pass.