Nick's Diner in Wheaton

Nick’s offers the archetypical diner breakfast – great crusts on meats and corned beef hash, proper fried eggs, toast that arrives hot and buttered, terrific potatoes, and friendly service. If there’s a better example in the DC metro area, I haven’t found it.

thick slabs of scrapple



Good to know. I can’t really point to a great diner in the DC area. I ate at a place in Lincoln Nebraska (Woodee’s) that I wish we had here.

How was the scrapple?


I used to eat there on my way home from my cardiologist appointments. I figured i had 6 months to mitigate.

And there are gruf and no nonsense but warm and friendly at the same time!

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tcamp, the scrapple was excellent, with a great crust and a creamy center. i’t seemed to have more flavor than other, thinner versions I’ve had elsewhere. A highlight of the meal was my companion, who grew up in PA eating scrapple, made the switch from adding ketchup to adding Texas Pete. I was deeply moved.

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We didn’t get the usual gruffness, just the warm and friendly. I associate gruffness with sitting at the counter (and warm friendliness there, too)

Respect! Eating at Nicks on the way home from a cardiologist is word class.

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I don’t recall eating at a table more than once. I am a counter kinda guy.

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Not even Florida Ave Grill?

ChristinaM. Not even close – although it[s been a while since had breakfast there

I used to go to Florida Ave Grill regularly, but it slowly went downhill after it was sold to the point there was no longer a reason to go. For all I know right now it could be great, but I haven’t heard anything good about it. I might try again sometime.

I haven’t been since 2017, in my postnatal haze with a newborn. We thought it was good for what it was (not the biscuits though). I like to support any place serving fried catfish for breakfast. :sweat_smile: