Nick and Nora Glasses

I am thinking of getting some Nick and Nora glasses. I have seen them in sizes from 4 oz. to 7 oz. Anyone have any preferences? I will likely refill them after the first drink, so large volume is not essential. It seems largely an aesthetic choice.


For straight up cocktails… 4oz. For wine and other bevs…7oz.

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I was leaning that way. Many thanks! Cheers!

I have the 4oz, because I only ever use them for cocktails.


Done! Thanks so much,

Why did you choose these over similar semi-coupes?

I actually have a few of each. The Nick and Noras are quite small, 4.5 ounces. So they give the impression of a generous pour. They slosh a bit less. I enjoy both. The NN are Schott Zweisel, and the demi-coupes are Rona. The demi-coupes seem to chill better. It maybe imagined.

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