Nice new-to-us finds [Plainville, MA; East Bay, RI]

I’ve known about the Chieftain Pub forever and a day. Finally, ~1 month ago, we stopped in for lunch after visiting An Unlikely Story bookshop (which Spring Onion loved). Cozy place, friendly service, and better than your usual pub grub. I had clam chowder and clam cakes; B had the blade meat sandwich, described as having Portuguese spicing—he loved it; and SO probably had a burger. Forgot to take photos. It’s conveniently half-way between Arlington and our place in RI so we’ll be stopping when traveling during meal times.

Another time, we had lunch at Lucky’s Pub. We only learned about this place because the RI Ohio State alumni club had a football-watching party here (which we missed). Portions are enormous. My clam cakes were way over but I didn’t send them back (the food took a long time and the place was fairly busy). I was in awe that B finished his burger—good thing he runs. SO gave a big thumb’s up to his burger. Good homemade chips.




There is finally good pizza in Barrington! Moving Dough was a mobile pizza kitchen and very recently became a brick-and-mortar pizza shop. Just in time - we had resigned ourselves to weird pizza (Piezoni’s; yes, with an apostrophe “s;” first photo…B wouldn’t even let me near it, it was that weird), just-ok pizza (MidiCi; forgot to snap a photo) and B is not a fan of pizza strips (WTF?!).



I left the most exciting item for last. In Your Ear, a record shop that I started frequenting on the East Side of Providence when I was but a high school-aged Spring Onion has now opened a combo record shop/live music venue/bar that serves food. We happened upon an awesome free show by the Whelks, a local trio, in the intimate downstairs bar space. The upstairs space will host bigger shows. They had tacos on the menu (but it was too early for dinner for us…can’t wait to try the food) and gorgeous furniture (my guess is that it’s from O & G Studio). Friendly bartenders. I told B that I felt like I had found my utopia. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: 2024 is gonna be great!


We also had a pleasant meal at Crossroad Pub in Warren with my parents during their visit last week (I reported on it on the WFD thread but thought I’d consolidate my notes here). My parents ordered too much fried food (and dad suffered a bit afterwards) but everything was fried well and was tasty. Mom’s full-bellied clams did not, however, live up to their namesake. Best to order these in the summer, methinks.

Fried RI-style calamari with an unexpected side of delightfully garlicky dipping broth, which is not something we’ve had before. B and Spring Onion split a burger, fish and chips for dad, chowder and littlenecks in zuppa for me. Mom and dad shared their meals with B and they still barely could finish their meals.






Yesterday (Friday), we headed down to RI to celebrate the new year. We stopped for lunch at–you guessed it–another pub, Skeff’s Pub. Simple but homey place, many tables enjoying a late lunch. B had a giant tray of nachos (not the best he’s had but he seemed happy as he polished the entire tray off), SO had a perfectly-cooked burger (could only manage half), and I had a tasty Portuguese kale soup and the fried green beans served with a piquant sauce on the side. The French fries were not good, but somehow, these were nicely crispy due to the breading, I guess. Awesome, hard-working server who was solo (except for the bartender). We’d come back. East Providence businesses need the patronage due to the I-195 bridge closure. We also considered Red Bridge Tavern in EP. We gravitate to the Portuguese-inflected dishes at unpretentious places like this so we’ll check that out on another trip. Cracking up at my claw hand, trying to stay out of the camera shot. :woman_zombie:




Also nabbed a nice red from Gran Canaria. We have traveled to the Canaries a few times now and have always enjoyed the wine. Nice treat to see one at our local wine shop.



You are in a great location for Portuguese-influenced dishes. I look forward to all your discoveries.


Yeah, we’re worried about the I-95 bridge closure - we are both traveling in March to different places from the outer Cape and use TF Green. Normally a 2 hour drive in the best of circumstances. Digga’s food looks tasty. DH is a big fan of whole belly fried clams. I can eat one or two - they’re too rich for me. He gets a shellfishing license every year and digs clams in Nauset marsh - we have steamers and he gets quahogs that we grind and make stuffies with linguicia. So delicious, we make a meal out of them with clam chowder.


Thanks for sharing, those clams look great! As do most of your pics. Keep them coming.
Happy New Year!