Nice, creative spot--but for lunch?

So my elderly aunt’s birthday is rolling around again, and she loves creative cuisine with nice plating. Unfortunately, she can’t do dinner so I’m trying to come up with a place to take her that serves lunch. (East Bay preferable, but SF and Peninsula will do if I have to.)

Last year we went to Baume in Palo Alto. It definitely doesn’t have to be THAT formal, and I’d be delighted if I could spend a lot less this year! She was perfectly content with Homestead, for instance, earlier this year for Mother’s Day. So I’m just hoping for something pleasing to the eye (as well as the palate) but for lunch. Any ideas?

If you can have lunch on a Tuesday-Friday, Fusebox in Oakland fits the bill. Fusebox serves creative Korean cuisine in West Oakland. Service is consistently friendly and attentive. They aren’t open for lunch on Saturday and they are closed on Sunday, though.

The better business lunch places might fit the bill, Pican, Ozumo, Bocanova come to mind.

in SF, Michael Mina does lunch with nice plating.

None of those places are as creative as Baume. Remember, Baume is a michelin two star ( or are they down to 1?) known for foams and a touch of MG.

You might consider Iyasare, not sure if it’s quite up to standards.

How about Luce? I haven’t been there, but it seems fancy.

Thanks all, for the great ideas. Michael Mina might indeed work, and Luce might be worth a try. Bbulkow, yes thanks; I know they are unlikely to be like Baume, but I don’t think they need to be. Homestead in Oakland is pretty, but hardly spectacular, and she was quite pleased. I just want a bit more oomph for her birthday, if that makes sense. I’d actually be happy with someplace like AL’s Place–casual but creative–if it weren’t for the lunch restriction!

Mina gives lovely, doting service, pretty plating and very tired food, anything but creative. It might suit her generation… or not if she’s with the food scene,

I just noticed Cockcomb is opening for lunch. While not as pretty, the food is danged good.

Are there any other Michelin 2 stars open for lunch? The best you might be able to do is homestead-like in the east bay. As much as I love Iyasare, their lunch menu is much simpler than their dinner menu. I like their lunch as much as their dinner but it is a lot more casual at lunch. Our standard lunch order is sashimi salad, kakiage tempura, and a bowl of ramen.

You could have done this yourself, and no guarantee of accuracy, but …

French Laundry
1 stars
Village Pub
Campton Place

Spruce, aaaarrrrggghhh. Man, I am a nay sayer!

So what’s your recommendation for a creative lunch?

I don’t usually do lunch. But what about taking the Richmond Bridge instead of Bay Bridge and going to Cavallo Point, almost under the Golden Gate Bridge? Pretty, well done renovation of historic site, good service and decent food. A little off the beaten track.

Thanks again everyone. Great ideas. I keep forgetting about Cavallo Point, actually, but that may be the perfect solution.

Where did you notice that Cockscomb is now open for lunch? My search skills are failing me. Thanks.

Saturday I had dinner there, and they handed me a physical card that said they would be opening for lunch. Old school! I regret that I don’t remember the date, but a quick phone call should tell.

Thanks for the information straight from the - er, cock’s beak?