Ni Hao in Crystal City - Report

Peter Chang started Ni Hao a few years back in Baltimore, and now there is one in Northern Virginia. The menu consists of small plates, items which you can find at Chang Chang in DC. The good thing about Ni Hao is that one small plate might be enough of a meal. Though it is hard to resist stopping at one order with so many interesting choices.

I very much enjoyed the red-braised pork belly, a Shanghainese classic. Served with some raw broccoli, it was more food than I was expecting. Very well executed.

I was full by the time I finished, but I had already ordered a bowl that included scrambled egg, celery, and jalapeno. Turns out there is also a touch of chili oil in this. The peppers were seriously hot, not the timid ones I have become accustomed to. As I was looking forward to a comforting egg dish, it was a bit of a letdown.

The quality seems very high, but I do advise ordering in stages, as it’s easy to over-order here.