NH44 in Hartsdale [NY]

We had a wonderful dinner at this new Indian spot in Hartsdale. The food was wonderful. My only complaints are the noise level and the fact they don’t take reservations. We arrived at about 6:15 and there were only two 4 tops open. Shortly after, there was a line. We found the food to be very fresh and the appetizers in particular were extremely interesting and different. I recommend it highly.


Looks like a very inviting space (outside of the no reservations thing). Did you happen to note whether they do buffet for lunch? We are always looking for good Indian food nearby but DH strongly prefers a buffet - a full dish of any one thing overwhelms his palate, and he doesn’t care for most of my favorites so its hard for us to share.

I didn’t see anything about a buffet and since the inside is pretty small, I’m not sure where they would put it. I suggest you give them a call. And btw, this was a Friday night so it’s likely to be less crowded during the week.

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