NH Pizza Scene

A couple of people have recently mentioned the “NH pizza scene” as being worth checking out. Anyone have specific recommendations? I’m personally most interested in places on the Route 93 corridor between the MA border up to the Lakes region, but let’s have them all!


I have been told by two or three people that the Bristol House of Pizza (Bristol, NH), is good but have not yet had a change to stop by.

We spend time near Sunapee and I’d love to know of good pizza places! The ones we’ve tried so far are serviceable but not memorable. Anything near West Lebanon or Hanover?

I wonder if “NH” = New Haven, not New Hampshire.


Well, that would make a lot more sense, wouldn’t it? Oh well, still interested in the NH of the north, though my expectations have diminished considerably!

I should have realized that, because, speaking of the “other NH” pizza, we went to the newish outpost of Frank Pepe’s at the revamped Arsenal in Watertown (MA) last night. I have been to the original once and to the Chestnut Hill branch many times, and they are all quite similar (and excellent) imo.


I thought the original references to “NH” pizza were New Haven, too.
I don’t think of New Hampshire as being great pizza country, but we probably will visit that NH now that the travel barriers have lifted and it’s good to get some recommendations.
I lived in New Haven temporarily for 6 months in 1989. I’m sure it’s changed a lot since then, but I see no reason to go back, except when in the area for the art museums.

That does make more sense.