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Did you miss me? There are a few quick notes about my Pacific NW trip on the NW board. Not there is the account of me and my brother seeing Roger Waters front row center at the Tacoma Dome. We’ll talk at the next HOdown. :wink:

Speaking of that, there are several ideas on the table. I know @MsBean and her husband, Rowan Atkinson, had some thoughts, @BossaNova and his wife were talking about some eastern European food that sounded really good, @NotJrvedivici just wanted to be able to attend the next one, @joonjoon wanted us to do an underground food tasting in North Korea, or was it go to an all you can eat place? One of those. @CurlzNJ just wanted somebody else to do the legwork this time @bgut1 wanted to try something different. @sck thought it might be worth the long trip to join us.

My thought is to do a crawl, maybe pizza, maybe Mexican, maybe something different. Or to go to my favorite Thai restaurant with some of the best fried rice on Earth.

Also, maybe early to mid August, having a pot luck HOdown at my or anyone else’s house.


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First and foremost: Welcome Back!!! Glad you enjoyed your trip look forward to hearing about the concert! Regarding the next HO’down, I’m open to all of the above so someone throw out some idea’s, I’m in!!


Unfortunately, we haven’t attended any of the previous Hodowns. For some, we were in the city on those dates, and when we have been in NJ, you went to places serving Asian cuisine, which I’m not particularly fond of. Now that that’s out of the way…

My suggestion is Shirin Café, in Manalapan. @seal, I imagine you’ve been there? But for those not familiar with it, they serve Uzbek/Russian cuisine. It’s been ages since Michael and I last ate there. (I just checked my Flickr. It was 4 years ago.) What got me thinking about it was an email I received from them regarding their 10th anniversary celebration. Amazing that they’ve been open for 10 years! To celebrate, they are offering a 10% discount for orders of $50 or more, weekdays, through August (cash only). Of course, if a weekday won’t work, we can go whatever day works for most attendees.

Needless to say, the food is delicious! We can order a la carte or do a banquet. Here are the menus. Oh, and it’s a BYO.

Shirin photos

My Blog
My Flickr

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Hi there!
I’ve been stalking and observing for a long time, contributing rarely if at all, as you guys are all just so much more knowledgeable than I.
Have also never joined any of the Hodowns, for no good reason.
But, Shirin Café would very much tempt me… my wife is vegetarian/kosher, so wouldn’t find much to eat at Shirin, but more importantly, you’ve got to go with a lot of people to really order a lot of different items from the menu. This stuff is delish, if done right! if you’d like to have a newbie join you guys, I’d maybe take the plunge and do it (and bring wife along too). but, I’m out of country until mid-August (big trip returning on August 12, and then heading up to Tuft’s a week or two later for orientation). So if it works, great; if it doesn’t I’m curious to hear all about it.
all the best,



Trust me speaking for myself I’m pretty stoopid. You don’t need any amount of knowledge to participate here (at least the NJ board) we are all a bunch of friendly food folk, we don’t bite!! (well if you smell too much like steak I might nibble…Yes, I have issues I know) Anyywho…please don’t feel intimidated at all to participate all you have to do is like something food wise and post about it, easy peasy! Look forward to having you join us some time!

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There are many of us who will confirm this… (NOT–we :heart: you @NotJrvedivici) :grin:

I really love that you called this out, though, because I cringed as I read it…for ANYONE lurking or feeling too newbie to join us for a HOdown, please don’t be intimidated! I’ve made wonderful friends through this board and others over the years and am always learning something new–and having fun. :blush:


Shirin Cafe in Manalapan mentioned above by @RGR is the eastern European place @seal is remembering that @MishyPoo and I had suggested. It is really very good.


OK, I’m down. @BossaNova @CurlzNJ @RGR @NotJrvedivici @rikk @MsBean How’s the last weekend in July sound? Either the 29th or the 30th works for me at Shirin.

We’re not available on the 29th but the 30th is good

29th is good for me, but I have TENTATIVE plans to go to the Haskell on the 30th…

If the Haskel is the 30th I’m not going to be able to make it, The Haskel is a big annual event for us. Unless you want to make the venue Blue Grotto!

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Alrightythen…if I end up going, I know who to look for! :slight_smile:

Could you make it on the 29th?

We could do it the following weekend. There was nothing magical about the last weekend in July, so if the weekend of August 5,6 looks better we can do it then.

Both of those are open for me right now…

The menu at Shirin sounds delicious. We will be away the weekend of the 29th but are available August 5.


Aug 5 or 6 ok for us

Check out the Shirin Hodown thread and join us. We have to get a reservation this week.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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