next ho dinner

how does may 1-6 look for everyone’s calendar? @small_h suggested greek, @JenKalb suggested peruvian, I had thrown out little indonesia in another thread, I’m up for anything!


I can’t make the 4th or 6th. Otherwise ok.

Week earlier (ie next week) better for me.

I can make May 3.

welcome back!

we cant go next week or May 3, 4, or looking forward from there, May 9 or 12 - as of now.
Indonesian would also be good

thanks! (not yet, but next week :))

Are we still also looking for an early May outing? If so, I am good at the moment for May 9, 10, 11. Maybe midweek at Noodletown would would work better than a Friday night, if it doesn’t work out for this week?

The 11th is good for me. But if we go to Noodletown then, we should probably have not-Chinese now. Also a little worried (perhaps needlessly) that the softshells will be gone by then.

I’ll shamelessly lobby for 21st onwards for another outing, bec I’ll be back again

Ah, sorry! I am not following the ins and outs so well here! After 5/21 good for me too.