News of @ccj?

The pop-up of her alpha-gal thread made me wonder (again) if anyone is in touch with @ccj and might know how she’s doing.


I would suggest that if you do have any information regarding ccj please feel free to share general details but nothing too personal. I’ve watched a few well intentioned inquiries like this where a bit too much personal information might have been disclosed. So please do follow up, but be conscious of everyone’s desire for privacy and do not disclose information that might be deemed “too much” by the person. Good luck I do wish them well.


Thanks Saregama for thinking of me
I still visit Hungry Onion site daily but my cooking is limited to duck, chicken and sea food so, nothing new to contribute
I am still not on any red meat nor products such as gelatin, meds which are gel coated but alpha gal numbers are up and down. Unfortunately, I was also diagnosed with autoimmune ulticaria, so I do not know if I truly have alpha gal syndrome as the ELISA test for autoimmune ulticaria shows I am allergic to beef, pork, lamb etc. My allergist seems to think I have 2 distinct allergies so he refused to give me an oral challenge . Am now on my 4th monthly dose of Xolair for autoimmune disease.
So, with Covid, my garden which is full of weeds ( spotted spurge and now chickweeds, I am quite busy and am starting to renovate my indoor pool ) and geothermal system
Take Care.
Here is my last Jai Chae using chicken instead of beef as well as appetizer, shrimp cocktail Mexican style
and today, am cooking Vindaloo Chicken
This was written in reply to Saregama but Have problem uploading pictures,
Stay safe everyone!


Great to have news from you. In different threads, people ask about you from time to time.

Sorry to hear about the illness. It’s good that you can eat white meat, seafood and vegetables and stay active.

Take care.


Copying over in case this is helpful to others.

So nice to hear from you and know you’re well.

I find it much easier to share / upload photos from my iPhone / iPad.

If you prefer typing on a laptop, you can also start typing there, don’t post the message yet - which saves it as a draft - and then open it and attach photos from the iPhone/iPad.

Hope this might work for you, and if not, that your son can help you fix the issue.

Do stop by and chat even if you can’t post pics!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold