Newport RI- two night trip in April- some guidance?

Hi everyone,
My husband and I are headed to Newport for two nights in April. Last time I was in the area was with my parents in Jamestown about 10 years ago so I’m not up on what’s new and delicious. We need two dinners, two lunches, and two breakfasts. Definitely looking for local produce, meats, veggies featured on menus. No budget in particular but we do not want anywhere stuffy-- laid back and warm service and fantastic food with a creative flair would hit the spot. I would love some ice cream recommendations also and my husband is completely obsessed with beer and looking to try some local brews.
Any ideas for us?
Thanks in advance!

Edited to add… I made a reservation for the saturday night for the Mooring. What would be a good contrast to that for Friday?
Also on my radar… Midtown Oyster, Mission, Brick Alley (is this actually any good?), Cafe Zelda, the White Horse Tavern, Annie’s (breakfast), Newport Creamery, Perro Salado

You must visit Black Pearl on Bannisters Wharf, one of the best in Newport. Great chowder! Have a good time, ice cream…
Must side visit: Doris Duke Mansion and Illustration Museum, both off Bellevue Ave…

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My daughter spent a year at Johnson and Wales in Providence, we spent few weekends up there and would go to Newport. Beautiful town, there are plenty of places for you to get some good food, the only place that stands out was Newport Lobster Shack, right on the water, the fisherman bring in their catch and serve it up right there. It’s outdoors picnic tables but the food was good, lobster, crab, lobster rolls etc. and reasonably priced all things considered. Enjoy the trip!!!

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We’ve been to Newport many times from Boston. We have consistently found The Mooring fine. We love the atmosphere at White Horse Tavern and find it worth going each time. Their clam chowder is the “clear, not cream” RI type, which we like. We go at lunch or for bar snacks, don’t want to pay for the dinner menu. We leave a teen in the hotel room and and I can’t eat much for dinner, so we haven’t tried the more fine dining places.

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We’ve always enjoyed Scales & Shells (527 Thames Street), which reminds me a bit of Daily Catch.

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RI native here but with the caveat that we don’t get down to Newport these days often enough to comment on the newbies in the town (we’re in Boston). If you want to branch out (and have a car), Warren and Bristol are nearby and have some fabulous options as well.

Honestly, the Mooring and White Horse Tavern are very touristy. If that’s not your cup of tea, here are some oldies (and hopefully still goodies):

-I concur with Max Entropy - Scales and Shells is one of my favorites. The lobster fra diavolo is worth the wait in so many ways. A dish made for 3-4 people, though.
-Salvation Cafe
-Pour Judgement
-Aiden’s for a midday beverage and darts
-Tallulah on Thames


Our trips to Newport have always been in winter, so off season times.

Yes, both White Horse Tavern and the Mooring probably get lots of tourists when it’s warm, but our experience with both have been good, with lots of locals there. White Horse reminds us of the Warren Tavern in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston…really historic architecture, not necessarily great food, but White Horse is so much better than the Warren Tavern. Last time we were at White Horse mid December, we had a great lunch in the tavern area and very interesting conversation with several locals and the bartender. Again, I wouldn’t go to White Horse for dinner, not in our price range for that kind/level of food. It is the only place we’ve found in Newport that has clear clam chowder. Wish we could check out the nearby Warren and Bristol, etc., places, but we have a special needs adopted teen son who stays in the hotel room and we especially need to be in close proximity when it gets dark.

Speaking of close by places to Newport, we’d love to go Red Dory in Tiverton. The chef was one of our favorites when he was in Cambridge, MA, for a long time, most recently at Rendezvous. But we go to RI during the week and it’s open only for dinner then.

We did go to Pour Judgement and liked the turkey chili and nachos, but it’s basically bar food, it seemed to us, at least. Nice local atmosphere. But nothing special for food, in our experience. Walked around and saw Brick Alley and the menu, did not go in.

We got to Malt once before they were serving dinner while picking up a hot dog for the kid nearby. Great conversation with owner/bartender and I hope we get to go back for dinner on our next visit.

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Wow thank you so much everyone for all the great info. I am going to comb through this and figure out our plan! Sounds like we will have plenty of options. Does anyone have any favorite breweries? I think I found one in Newport proper (storm?) and a few nearby. We are driving up from NY if that matters.

Has anyone been to Bouchard? We enjoy French food and the menu appeals.

Am I correct saying Tallulah has closed?

Steve Johnson was one of our favs, too. He would improvise for our young daughter. Have yet to make it to Red Dory, but will this summer. He’s a gem.

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