Newkirk's [San Francisco, Potrero]

I’m linking my review with pics of Newkirk’s in Mission Local here, which I only just learned about this year.


Though I saw that @hyperbowler made mention of it back in 2019. SFBA restaurants with hours constrained to lunch, Mon-Fri - #22 by hyperbowler

I split another Italian sub with my sister from them this weekend. Very fresh, and now our favorite in the area. AND their hot sauces have hottened up considerably since I first tried them!

Having never had a bodega sandwich in NYC, I still feel confident that these sandwiches are the real deal (although I’m told the mayo in the above sandwich is verboten, but as i’m a West Coast gal, I’m fine with it), but perhaps someone with first-hand experience can chime in? Still have to try the hash brown sandwich and the rib eye and eggs sandwich.


Sold! But tell me, is that Kayser roll grilled/smashed/paninied? It looks much flatter than a fresh one. i’m asking 'cause we’re gonna make these at home! Like as soon as I bring in the right buns.
Many thanks!!

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i think they are flattened on the griddle.