[Newchurch, Isle of Wight] The Garlic Farm

Finished our visit to The Garlic Farm with lunch in the restaurant. Cosy, rustic decor and friendly service. My husband and kid ordered the roasted whole garlic bulb as a starter - it was fine. On the menu it said it came with sourdough but the bread was a much lighter wholemeal slice which didn’t hold up that well to being spread with garlic. Mains - monkfish scampi for both of them and gnochhi with watercress and garlic pesto for me. The monkfish pieces were fried perfectly. My gnochhi plate was excellent but the sauce contained no watercress (the green leaf component was baby spinach) and was not a pesto. My son had a lemon curd brulee for dessert which came with a chunky shortbread round biscuit.

The farm shop next door has an excellent range of garlic, products made from garlic and other produce of local origin for sale.


These must be the folk who appear on TV whenever growing garlic in the UK is mentioned. I’m sure I’ve read that it was the Romans who first grew it on the Isle of Wight.

I’m sure you’re right! We went on the farm tour which is accompanied by an audio narrative of family members talking about farming there since the 1950s. They do mention that this part of the IOW has been settled for possibly thousands of years because of the favourable conditions for farming and that the family have found Roman artifacts over the years.

Lime curd brulee with shortbread biscuit



Love lime curd - even more than lemon curd (and I like that a lot).