[Newby Bridge, Cumbria] The Swan

There’s been a building here, at the southern end of Lake Windermere, since 1623. In its current form, it’s a hotel, bar, restaurant and spa. And there’s nothing gastro about the food – it’s good old pub grub and none the worse for that. And, on a fine day, it’s got a terrace along the riverbank which makes up for any longing for more refined food.

We were snacking more than having lunch. So, a burger did for one of us. Good meat, with all the usual accompaniments, on a brioche bun which managed not to fall apart while I was eating it. Alongside, a dish of tomato and onion pickle, a couple of battered onion rings and a bowl of fries. For the other, a sandwich was packed with thick cut ham and a smear of pickle. Also on that plate, a handful of salad leaves and a few vegetable crisps.

A decent enough lunch if passing but not one to go out of the way for.

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