[Newark] Golden Prawn - Burmese Kyay Oh: awesome Rakhine noodle soup

A few weeks ago we had lunch at Golden Prawn - Burmese Kyay Oh. We had:

Shan rice noodle with chicken- I honestly don’t remember much about this noodle soup other than its ok but not distinctive.

Goat curry paratha- the goat was pretty tender and the curry was well seasoned and worked well with the paratha.

Beef curry lunch special with tea leaf salad. Beef curry was pretty nice while the tea leaf salad was oversalted.

Rakhine noodle soup- this, to me, is the reason to come to Golden Prawn. 39 reviews in Yelp and not one mention of the Rakhine noodle soup. Rakhine is also the state where the Rohingya crisis is unfortunately unfolding at the moment. The broth here, was light and wonderful, with a mellow galangal aroma, and a bit of funk from the fish sauce/ shrimp paste. The noodle bowl came with fish chowder and fish cake, garnished with cilantro. Its a combination that worked very well, and I liked this noodle soup 4x more than all the other dishes we ordered.

Complementary pickles.