New Yorker - Food Issue

Well, the New Yorker’s annual food issue is out. Looking forward to reading more myself, though the barbecue article is mostly just a tribute to prescriptivism . . . .

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Wish I hadn’t cancelled my subscription… but I’m still several issues behind.

Good thing so much of their content is available digitally :slight_smile:

I found myself reading, or trying to read, so many articles at the New Yorker website that I decided to spring for a digital-only subscription. It’s only a dollar a week.

I liked the story about the “shopper” bus in Flint, Michigan. It was another way of looking at food deserts.

This week’s New Yorker contains a compilation of archival food articles. I guess it’s their annual food issue.

Articles by Anthony Bourdain, Calvin Trillin, Nora Ephron, Susan Orlean, and others.


That should be a pretty cool review.

Need to carve out time (which is always the thing with the New Yorker…)


Anyone know how to buy a single issue of the New Yorker online? I’m not up for a subscription, but I’d really like to read this issue. Thanks.

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Your library probably has it online

And if not, there’s a subscription offer for 12 weeks of online access for $6.00. That’s three dollars less than a single print copy. You can cancel anytime.

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@Saregama @ernie_in_berkeley Thanks. Since I’m an old school librarian, I was thinking I’d like a print copy, but the $6 digital offer is pretty hard to pass up. I think I’ll do that.

A decent newsstand or your local Barnes & Noble should have print copies, if not this week than in the next week or two.

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Thanks, but I gave into immediate gratification and subscribed to the digital version. Definitely worth it. I just was able to read an article by one of my favorite food writers, Calvin Trillin, from 1972,
called Eating Crawfish in Breaux Bridge Louisiana. Who else can put together a sentence like:

“A few days before the festival, I asked a local citizen named Woody Marshall—who can list among many accomplishments the invention of crawfish racing as we know it today”?

Now on to, from 2000, One Day - and One Night - in the Kitchen of Les Halles by Tony Bourdain.

Definitely in food reading heaven!


And with your short subscription, you can read dozens of other food articles. Use the search box at the top. You can look for specific authors as well.

Thanks. Don’t worry - I really am a librarian so I’m a searching expert!
I subscribed to the New Yorker for years. My goal was to have a bathroom papered with the covers. I know that was a cliche, but I thought it looked so cool. And in high school, I was the only kid who had my own subscription.


An interesting article for us historically is the one where Calvin Trillin discovered Chowhound.

That link has only a summary, but the full article is available in the “View full article” link on the page, leading here:

ETA: I’m suddenly sad when I re-read the article and remember what CH used to be…