New York-y treat to bring on plane tomorrow? Help! (Westchester)

Hi all,
You all (maybe I should get used to saying y’all since we’re going to the South!) came through for me with a goodie for my friend who just had a baby. Well, here’s a new challenge I’d appreciate your help with and it has the added twist of me needing suggestions asap as we leave tomorrow afternoon!
I’m visiting relatives in TN, including my NYC raised uncle. I wanted to bring a treat (savory or sweet, doesn’t matter) with us to share, something with a bit of NY novelty. The catch is it needs to be able to sit at room temperature for a while and not be completely fragile since I will be taking it as a carry on.
My first thought is of course bagels, wrapped well. Even if they suffer a bit it’s nothing some toasting can’t remedy. My second thought is some sort of Italian pastry or something that’s not delicate. They love cannolis but I think those will get too soggy and I don’t want them unrefrigerated. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance!!!
Edit: oh!!! I just remembered my uncle loves Chinese pork buns, the ones in the yeasted buns. Do they have those anywhere in Westchester for takeout?? I have no idea if this is something they can get in TN.

Are you leaving from LaGuardia, never mind from your post it seems Westchester

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What a jet setter! Didn’t you just get back from Maine? I except a full report on that trip!!!

For me, I’d need good NYC bagels!!!

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This will cost a whole lot more than taking along some squished bagels, but Zabars will ship some (and go-withs, if you wish.). I once shipped a dozen or so as a thank you to someone in the Midwest, (who had actually been very nice to me in Malawi, of all places.). They were a great hit, partly because the midwesterners knew the Zabars name. But it did cost a good deal.

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Do they drink alcohol, a NYS wine or local beer, can you even bring this on a plane these days?

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Sorry, I should have specified. We are leaving from Newark.

Yes, I have a lot to report on, but it’ll have to wait till we get back from TN. It was incredible though!

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If it wasn’t a thousand degrees with 100 percent humidity I’d say go for it with bagels …
but mine barely made it to NJ this week

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That was my concern-- although tomorrow is only supposed to be 70° here (ny)!

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I have a friend who is from Yonkers, she lives in Franklin Tennessee now. She is from a huge Italian family, they are food people and in the Industry, she never brings any food items back with her :frowning:

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Nashville has quite a food scene. I am thinking they probably can get good renditions of most foods. But bagels… I have not ever had a good bagel outside of NY that I can remember.

If you get bagels where will you get them? Not much decent around here.

I have never had a person not like the bagels from Goldberg’s in Yonkers

70 degrees
Thank God … I’m done

Right, I forgot about that. We have a Goldberg’s up here but not the same owners.

Too late for your trip, but I would say Bialy instead of (or in addition to) bagels, and Black & White cookies. Also if checking bags, then a bottle from this local Westchester distillery would be a nice touch

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So we ended up going with bagels. And it’s a good thing we didn’t go with anything else, really, because our flight was cancelled (grrrr) and we ended up driving to our destination. The bagels ended up being a tad over 24 hours old by the time we got to my family’s house and there were only a couple missing. :wink: They traveled surprisingly well and everyone enjoyed them. Proof, though, of a risk of traveling with an edible gift!


Oh that sucks!