New York State Cheese Awards for 2018 announced at State Fair.

I grew up in St. Lawrence County, and am a first cousin, twice removed of William H. McCadam Jr., The founder of the McCadam creamery (originally in Heuvelton NY). Although I have lived in California for the past half-century, I am still a big booster of New York cheeses, and believe the best cheddars, cheese curds, and muensters, at the least, come from NY and neighboring VT.

When I spotted the name “Underpass Reserve” from East Hill Creamery, my senior citizen dyslexia took over, and I first read it as “Underpants Reserve.” This was not entirely accidental; my late friend, photographer and food writer (and great friend of small farms) Tana Butler of Santa Cruz CA, coined the slogan “Good Cheese Smells Like Happy Underpants” and even had it emblazoned on clothing.

I’m hoping East Hill or some other creamery will name a suitable cheese “Happy Underpants Reserve” in honor of Tana :slight_smile: