New York’s Gotham Greens plans Solano County indoor produce farm. This is good..right?

New York’s Gotham Greens plans Solano County indoor produce farm

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I hope it’s overall a good thing. There are so many ways to look at it.

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“The greenhouse will generate 60 full-time jobs and provide UC students with the opportunity to learn first-hand how to sustainably grow produce year-round in a safe, clean, climate-controlled environment. The company stated its facilities use 95% less water and 97% less land than conventional farming. Nationwide, Gotham Greens has 500,000 square feet of greenhouse space at five locations staffed by 400 employees.”

Interesting figures there.
Seems like California would be one of the last places to locate something like this, but I’m no business tycoon.

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  1. Unless you happen to be a bunny rabbit in disguise, you’re a better business tycoon than I am.

  2. Maybe somebody knew somebody and that was why this got started?

  3. When I think of greenhouses, I think of places where there isn’t enough sunlight to grow the desired crops, but there’s plenty of water. I don’t know California geography very well, but some of the first things I think of are lots of sunshine … and water shortages. However, maybe part of their point is actually demonstrating and promoting water-reduction strategies?

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I would love "“assistant grower” to be my retirement gig.

The job is in Davis though, which is technically in Yolo, and not Solano County.

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I’ve toured their facility, which is really cool. But they charge the earth for their products, and there’s a waitlist for their CSA-style monthly boxes.


My sister was told they are working on a program for NJ.

It may do very well. They started out mostly supplying restaurants (as I’m sure you know since you watched the video), and then did a partial pivot like every other food-related business.