New York Delicatessen Month May be Going on at a Deli Near You - Nationwide

From Houstonia Magazine, Deli Man Ziggy Gruber has coordinated a nationwide celebration.

Kenny and Ziggy’s has a new, 2nd location, in a more accessible part of town. I’ve been meaning to try it out. I’ve been trying to convince myself I need to try that Roumanian Steak ever since Levitt wrote it up.


As I might have mentioned before, :wink: I love Kenny & Ziggy’s, but I also love Ziggy Gruber - just such a huge personality.

Next time we get together, remind me to tell you the story about running into him at Bayou City Seafood and Pasta. Just a man enjoying his soup when I began harassing him mercilessly. He couldn’t have been more gracious.