New Year's in Paris?

Hi, so I know it is early, but a miles plan New Year’s, but my cc has me booking flights for the winter holidays. As I did this new year, I am going to spend time in Rome and Paris at this time. I will be solo. This year I was in Rome for New Year’s, which because of Covid was largely cancelled, so I missed out on the street celebrations that I was looking forward to joining. However, I booked dinner on the 31st at Retrobottega, and with the communal tables, I had great company and fun for the meal that ended just after midnight, when the whole staff joined in the fun, and we continued the party into the wee hours in their wine bar around the corner.

All this to give a flavor of the kind of thing I might enjoy, if I’m in Paris for the new year next year. I’m not really much of a midnight reveler, but the dinner party atmosphere was really just so nice. If I were in Paris for the holiday, what kinds of meals or events would you suggest for an early-60s solo female traveler?