New Year's Eve and Day foods

DW brews up a gallon or so of Chili (with beans ((apologies to the Texans on board here)) ) every New Years Day. The ever present side is a container of antacids. Oh, and a dense loaf of French bread accompanied by TPSTOB.

I put out a cheese board with crackers.

Then there’s usually a bowl or three of milk chocolate & dark chocolate morsels traveling room to room with the grandkids.


I think lentils are one of those foods that are very popular in very many cultures/countries - anywhere from Canada, India, Mediterranean countries (northern Africa, Southern Europe, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel), etc. I never had them growing up - my MIL introduced me to many lentil dishes and now I make them in several ways - and love them - always on hand in my pantry.


PastIcierre Gianluca Fusto, Milano, Italia.
Pâtissier Julién Dugourd, Provençe.
Relais Desserts Paris.


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@naf @Phoenikia The problem with all of these works of art is that it would be hard for me to eat them. It would be like taking a marker to a Monet.


Anyone making some traditional New Year’s foods tonight or tomorrow?

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My mother always made black eyed peas.
I didn’t like them then and don’t like them now.


Making Korean dduk guk (rice cake) soup and dumplings. We usually do it for Lunar New Year but often times for Western New Year’s, too.


I’m making pork, greens, and beans, but only the collards will be traditional.

The beans are pigeon peas, the pork bry brined chops.

I’m doing the pigeon peas a la Mark Samuelson.


Thanks for posting - I’ll be putting a pot of black eyed peas on tomorrow, so may rif on MS’s s treatment. Yum.


That is such a yummy recipe. Enjoy!!

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