New Year's Eve 2022 [Toronto]

Still not ready to brave indoor dining much, we ordered takeout to celebrate. Having too many choices, we opted for two dinners - one for New Year’s Eve and one for New Year’s Day. Here’s what we had last night:

Oyster Boy

  • Seafood chowder: terrific, tangy, and a bit of a kick, with clams, fish chunks, sweet corn, potatoes, and carrots.
  • PEI Lobster Bisque: rich aromatic lobster bisque, lobster chunks and chives - nice but not as richly flavoured as the chowder.

  • 24 oysters: Shipwreck (PEI) and Merasheen (Nfld) with lemons, horseradish, mignonette, orange hot sauce, and cocktail sauce. Both types were fresh and sweet.

  • Kale Caesar: nice and lemony, with chickpea croutons and parmesan.

  • 2 whole chilled lobsters and snow crab legs. Fresh and lovely.

Hadn’t yet tried them, so figured this would be a good time. I’m not the biggest fan of mousse cakes, but these were generally very well done (if expensive).

  • St. Marcel mango mousse - light mousse, tiny sponge cake layer inside, with a bit of tangy mango gel. Like eating a mango cloud.

  • Hugo Pistachio mousse - so beautiful with dark green outside and pink pistachios like rose petals, very pistachio flavoured mousse, a sort of crispy cookie cake inside.

  • Pistachio tart - flecked with gold, a bright green-coated dollop of pistachio mousse in the middle, with more dollops surround, with a layer of strawberry rhubarb.

Will report on today’s dinner (Alo) later…


Looks great!

My purchased part of NYE was a Dufflet’s Black and White Layer Cake, and we were happy with that!


Haven’t had Dufflet in many years. Used to be a big fan of the chocolate banana cake back several decades ago. Sounds like cake quality is still very good?

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Alo NYE dinner (received on Dec. 31 but eaten Jan. 1). As for previous Alo takeout dinners, the food is simpler, but still high quality.

  • sweet, raw Hokkaido scallops, with crème fraîche, chive dressing, and a 30g tin of Siberian Sturgeon Caviar. Very decadent and they provided two mother-of-pearl spoons!

  • [Ignore hapless plating] barely cooked Nova Scotia lobster in a zingy jalapeño dressing and squeeze of fresh lime, wrapped in Nori on Gem Lettuce, decorated with lime aioli.

  • Roasted beets over truffled ricotta, with hazelnuts, grapes, and radicchio - delicious and ricotta very truffly.

  • Ravioli Gratin, Spinach, Périgord Truffle - not very truffle-y but gorgeous ricotta ravioli with cream sauce and toasted crumbs.

  • Pain au lait, truffled brown butter - pillowy and rich.

  • fall apart beef short rib, cremini mushroom, pearl onion, rich and thick red wine jus.

  • dark chocolate custard, mascarpone, hazelnut praline, pecan - light and not too sweet.