New Website - Houston Food Finder

This is what Phaedra Cook is up to, since she left the Press abruptly last year.

I found it via a tweet on Alison Cook’s feed about house-made sausages at Houston BBQ joints. I used to be quite a sausage hound but kinda burned out on it. Anyway, a good article. The author has a review of the Pit Room and a run down of his top 7 barbecue joints in other articles on the site.


I was going to mention Galvan’s Sausage House in Richmond and I noticed you did in the reply to the author. The original was beef sausage but they have several other mixtures now.

Burt’s Meat Market pan sausage is incredible as described. Anybody that goes should also try the beef tips, gumbo and the Wifeacita just chimed in with sweet potatoes with candied pecans.

Sorry I stole your thunder JC.

Wow. Never had the beef tips, sweet pots or pecans! Will have to try those. Haven’t been there in about 3 years so I’m overdue for a trip.

I love the greens and boudin, smoked and spicy, though I always get it sans casing (aka, dirty rice). I found their casing to be too tough.

I’m thinking I need to do a Burt’s run.

According to the Wifeacita the pecans are in the sweet potatoes.

Uh, oops. I misread.