New Washingtonian article on DC VIPs

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And the sun will rise in NYC at 5:38am tomorrow morning. Details at Eleven! :wink: The political seating arrangement stories - not to mention the apparent naivety of one of the quoted restaurateurs - are pretty funny…:grin:



Enjoyable read! Thanks for posting it.

I’m ok with the fact that the only place I’m well known is my own kitchen. sigh



Thus, the ease with which we can dismiss these petty patrons (all the way down to staffers? really?); on the other hand, we cannot begrudge the results of those who do what helps them keep their businesses running.


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Thanks for posting this Erich! I really enjoyed the read and have forwarded on to my daughter, who will like it as well.

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“The big restaurant lie: Everyone is treated the same.”

Who thought everyone was treated the same? :joy:

Given that they’ve named some names, I’m wondering who’s going to be in trouble…



Though we can be rather taken aback that it apparently never occurred to a maitre d’ (or was he a manager?) of a successful, high-end DC restaurant that publicly praising an extremely controversial political figure in the middle of packed restaurant, or on the other hand, criticizing a fundamental policy plank of another’s legislative agenda in similar circumstances (without even the slightest realistic hope of actually influencing that legislative agenda, no less) might not have Consequences…:roll_eyes:/:rofl:

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