NEW Survey!!! (NJ peeps)

There’s no way to indicate that more than one of the days is fine.

I’m not sure but will try to work it out. How does this place compare to others locally? I’m sure it is good if this is the one you are choosing

Just mark your #1 choice, please

Oh, we’ve been there before…

Damn no pics from the last HO down?

Nope…this is why I was pestering all of you to take photos at the Outback! We have a history of forgetting.

Someone even forgot they were there at Outback.


I am really hoping to make it to this! I vote for either of the days with an 11 AM start time but I did officially vote for Dec 1.


We’re good for any of the days but the first one.

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@gcaggiano are you EVER going to admit you were there?

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The survey seems to be broken, there isn’t a “Hell no” option for question 3.

And also, as mentioned… no way to indicate multiple availability slots. I’m good for any of those dates.


Mamma didn’t raise a liar.

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Quick update: 18 of you have already responded to the survey–thank you! I’ll leave it up until Monday, at which time I’ll post the date.

Saturday, Dec. 1st is currently in the lead, but if you want to join us and haven’t clicked the link at the top of this thread, please do so! Thanks.

There is also nothing stopping you from taking it multiple times, which I just did!!! :joy:


Bumping this up…this is a great way to practice for VOTING on Tuesday!

The survey will remain up until Monday at Noon.

So what’s good here curlz? Im in a food coma after eating a bunch of chinese delivery.

I just looked back, because I remember we had a LOT…

We had a mess of (all very good) shrimp and shrimp/pork and spinach and shrimp dumplings off the carts, beef and pork ribs, pork buns of multiple varieties (white, ‘baked,’ and the best of the bunch, which was triangle-shaped and in a flaky crust), a regular order of Chinese broccoli, one of pan-fried noodles w/chicken, and one of clams in black bean sauce. And for dessert? Watermelon (did we ever figure out what was in that?) and some phenomenal egg custard tarts.

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Survey / thread is closed, please follow the updated conversation in this thread.