New Slaw Recipe from Smitten Kitchen

Poolside Sesame Slaw

Recipe is flexible, use veggies you like. Normally I would shred my own cabbage but I used a bag of Trader Joe thinly shredded cabbage. Because I didn’t want to go to another’s store, I bought their packaged snow peas, no good, will return. Had to buy from another store. I julienned those, carrots, Persian cukes, radishes. Green onions.

I’d never used miso before, dressing calls for white miso, honey, tahini, rice vinegar, garlic, toasted sesame oil, olive oil, Sriracha, fresh ginger. Next time I’d use less ginger, less tahini.

I omitted cilantro, calls for garnish of peanuts or cashews … instead I used toasted slivered almonds, great! Later I read on the comments the suggestion to use an immersion blender instead of blender; I’d do this next time.

I wanted to use the whole bag of cabbage so I tripled the recipe, holds up well. Good if you don’t want mayo dressing. She suggested you could add cooked chicken or tofu. Others added uncooked ramen noodles.