New Seasonal meat at Ralphs (Kroger)

For a change, the most exciting new (to me) product I’ve seen lately was not at Trader Joe’s, but in our SoCal Kroger affiliate, Ralphs. I’m sure it’s there next to the massive pile of corned beef strictly for St. Patrick’s Day, as it’s Irish (no indication whether by its recipe or its actual origin), and it’s pork – loin, by the looks of it – and essentially wet-cured like the beef, with a similar spice package included, and a similar price: $4.99/lb. I found an approximately 1 1/2 lb package and took it home. Cooking instructions are the same as for beef: cover with water, bring to boil, dump in the spices, reduce the heat and simmer for a couple of hours. I did the first part, plus skimming the large amounts of eggwhite-like scum off, but then covered the pot and put it into a 325º oven for about an hour per pound. I kept it a while longer until it tested 160º internal, then reduced the heat to keep it at 160º for another hour. Tender and delicious just like that, fat and all! I’ll get more while they have it, though it seems not to be exactly flying out of the bin … but it’s easily the tastiest pork loin I’ve had in years.