New Rochelle FoodFest runs thru Sept. 22...

It is sort of a restaurant week without the prix fixe. Each participating restaurant in New Rochelle, there are about 35, will be offering some kind of incentive. Good way to try some of the diverse culinary going on in the ‘Queen City’. For info go to:

Ignore the rest of the places and get to NoMa Social. More on my thread.

Hey Dee - which thread is it on?

Not there (‘My never ending quest’) yet, Gwenn. I may just post it to Trip Advisor, since my reviews annoyed some here.

Took a nice stroll thru the New Rochelle Street Fair yesterday and enjoyed some tasty food samplings from local eateries: Mamma Francesca’s meatballs & tomato salad; a good taco from Little Mexican Café; tender brisket sampling from A Place 2 Go (they had their smoker there); ceviche from Olibar Peruvian Restaurant; and oxtail, rice & peas from Mangoville Caribbean. Glad the weather held up…

I’d like to see it. :blush:

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You got it, Gwenn.:wink:

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This year’s New Rochelle Street Fair will take place this Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Many of the same local food and dining spots will be participating. It will run down Main Street to North Ave…it turned out to be a tasty walk thru last year.