New restaurant in Milton, MA

Has anyone been to the new Italian restaurant, Novara, in East Milton? Have been told it’s a two hour wait (but you won’t see me do that), and reservations are way out and with crazy times slots. Is it just cause it’s new or is it that good? Bar seating for 67! The place is huge! I’m a little skeptical as I know it’s being run by the owners of Abby Park which I know from experience it’s not that good (three strikes and you’re out).

It would be nice to have a good Italian restaurant close by.

Hope to Enjoy,

The Abby Park connection kills it for me. Plus the menu is fairly mundane, nothing most people couldn’t make at home.

I didn’t realize they opened. I’ve never been to Abby Park precisely because of the middling reviews. I think Steele & Rye is getting mixed reviews too. The lines might be a just reflection that that area could really use a consistent, higher-end restaurant; there are plenty of homey neighborhood food spots.

Thought I might try it but since I’m not a big fan of Abby Park, I haven’t been in a rush to get there.

Seems we’re all on the same page.

Steel and Rye was interesting when it opened, but declined soon after. Once we moved further south, even though it’s on the way home, we couldn’t justify spending the money there.

I’m planning to try it at some point but I’m certainly not going to wait more than five seconds for a table.

It has a full liquor license, no? That may account for the flocks. Correct me if I’m wrong, but by my count only three other spots have them (Steel and rye, Abby park and 88 wharf)

Who not named Rick Bayless puts their second restaurant next door to their first?? That makes zero sense to me.

I’m still a fan of Steel and Rye

With 67 bar seats they better have a full liquor license!