New Restaurant coming to Hartsdale

Saw an “opening soon” sign for a new restaurant in the Trader Joe shopping center on Central Ave in Hartsdale. The Rex Burger and Lobster. There is a branch in Mineola, LI. Has 300 reviews on Yelp and 4 stars.

In the same shopping center as Bareburger? Interesting.

Just looked at their web site- one of their “signature dishes” is a surf and turf- filet mignon on a burger bun with cheese sauce and lobster. I think that alone will make it a restaurant that I’ll pass on,and I’m (almost always) anxious to try a new burger place.

Yeah, the menu wasn’t really appealing.

I don’t think you can judge it by one menu selection. Yes, the signature dish you describe sound gross to me. I like my food simple - burger with ketchup and onion, pizza with sauce and cheese and perhaps one or two toppings (salad or hawaiian pizza or dessert pizza) does not qualify as pizza to me. So a simple burger or the crispy chicken sandwich or the lobster roll or the hand cut fries may be quite good. Won’t know until I try it. I don’t usually use Yelp as a guide, but The Rex has enough ratings (300) to make it credible so it’s 4 stars may really be an indication of it’s quality. I hope so!

I agree that the menu alone should/would not be the decider,but with so many burger places (still) popping up, I can still plan to be selective in where I go. Truthfully,I would probably still give them a try but would definitely not try that combination - as expensive as lobster is (and oh so good) even for free would not eat that combo!

Guess there are too many burger places in the three shopping centers already- the sign for this Rex is not burgers and lobster,but a still stranger combination - pizza and lobster. Certainly different

They are actually opening a Pizza & Lobster concept!! Looks great.

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