New post - suggestion

I wonder if there is the possibility to show the tag of a new post more in the style of viewed post with numbers, a blue oval with white letters or simply another colour instead of blue? (Links are blue already)

I find “new” is not too visible and always miss them, but I read everything with a blue circle.

Another question, how long a post marked as “new”?

Thanks a lot.

agreed. How about now?

they are marked for a week until you click on it and can be customized in your preferences.

Yeah, it’s much more visible now, thanks.

I didn’t know if we can change this preference. That’s nice to know. My default is 2 days, I guess maybe I have changed it somehow.

ugh. I liked less visible…

Maybe a green colour is nice. (Just now, I saw this when admin was testing) Not too aggressive and not exactly the same colour.