[New Orleans] Napolean House

Lunch. The restaurant, on Chartes Street, is known for its muffuletta sandwich, apparently invented by Italian immigrants to the city. For those of us, like me, not previously familiar with the sandwich, it uses Italian type ingredients, but piled high in a way you’d only get in America.

They offer the full sandwich to share, or a half for one. The full is a loaf pretty much the size of a dinner plate – we immediately thought of it as a giant barmcake. It’s filled with salami, ham, cheese, olives and served warm. It’s excellent – you can taste all the various flavours unlike many American sandwiches which just seem to be a stack of bland unidentified “stuff”.

And, just to keep our greed quotient up, we took a side order of jambalaya – a nice mix of rice and meat, slightly spicy.

Good lunch.