[New Orleans, LA] Help me eat through NOLA

I’m going to New Orleans for a quick weekend trip with my sister later in the month. As a first-timer, I’m completely overwhelmed with all of the options. Everyone has a different opinion on where to go and I’m in need of some guidance.

It’s a short trip - arriving on Friday at around 1pm and leaving Sunday morning at 9am. So technically I have 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners, but would love to do a brunch on Saturday morning. We’re staying in the French Quarter and will not have a car, but have no problem walking/calling an Uber etc.

We love all types of food, but would love to have the quintessential NOLA Creole experience.


You’ll find my reviews from last autumn down the list. But, in brief, we had dinners at:

Tujagues - city’s second oldest restaurant. Lots of local dishes on the menu

Angeline - very relaxed, but still “proper”. It could easily have passed for a European restaurant. We both had a main course of drum - a local fish - it was the best single plate of our three week trip.

R’evolution - Not cheap but worth every dollar. Inventive food, cooked well

G W Fins - seafood. Surprisingly good desserts

Muriel’s - the three course table d’hote at just under 440 was excellent value. My companion in life rated Muriels as the most overall enjoyment of a meal in the three weeks. I reserved my own “best” for an Italian place in Lafayette.

I visited New Orleans last fall for the first time, so this is from another tourist’s perspective. It’s a great place to eat (and drink). I went to Angeline, R’evolution, and GW Fins as well and they were all great, second those recommendations. Angeline is a bit less formal than the other two. They are all in the French Quarter.

Had some delicious char-grilled oysters from Felix’s and a really good BBQ shrimp dish from Mr. B’s Bistro, both in the FQ as well.

Some other highlights were Commander’s Palace and Coquette in the Garden District, which is a fairly short streetcar ride from the French Quarter. The streetcar ride is a neat experience in itself, and the Garden District is a beautiful neighborhood. Commander’s also has a jazz brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you’re interested in po’ boys I really liked the fried shrimp po’ boy from Parkway Bakery.

You should probably get some beignets and a café au lait from Café du Monde in the FQ.

“Quintessential NOLA Creole experience” interpreted to mean old line names to residents: Commander’s; Galatoire’s; Brennan’s ; Camelia Grill; Central Grocery.

The “new” “old line” would be Emeril’s (really) who made New Orleans trendy for outsiders. Nowadays, coastal press find their way to Donald Link or John Besh restaurants.

Laissez les bon temps roulez.