new orleans, la feb 2022 trip report

still sorting out thoughts about our trip but want get this started, I plan to post a reply per restaurant. We received a number of great recommendations in this thread:
new orleans, feb 2022? - #30 by Roro1831 , thank you to all who participated!

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Perhaps we should have gotten our culinary bearings before venturing to maypop on our first night in town. The food is an inventive mashup of styles, in our case combining thai, indian and creole influences in the same dishes. The result is delicious, inventive and it’s easy to see how new orleans residents, looking for something new would be drawn to the restaurant.

But as I mentioned at the outset, if we’d planned farther in advance (it was the only night we could get a reservation), it would have been better to have established a frame of reference around creole cooking before venturing into mashups. Still, the food was delicious and definitely on our list for a return visit.

photos to follow…


Thanks for posting this! Based on your experience (and your planning thread), we went to Maypop twice on a first trip to NOLA last week. The second time was a random visit–it was raining, we had to be at the airport during the normal dinner hour, and we knew Maypop opens at 4pm.

We thought it was great. Enjoyed the Bibb lettuce salad, the catfish, the duck breast, the pork shoulder, and the egg noodles with jumbo Gulf shrimp. Went for the bread service both times too because, well why not?


Thank you for sharing! Heading there in a few months.