New Kuhnhenn Brewery & Taproom in Clinton Township, MI

Anybody been yet? Press photos I saw in the Free Press and Macomb Daily looked like the family spared no expense in opening the place.

First stop in last Saturday after getting skunked on a number of albums I (we) wanted to buy on National Record Store Day.

Did a flight of five, 5 oz. Kuhnhenn brews. Dripa (an IPA) is an outstanding beer. Outstanding. Double Nut Brown is a truly brown, and pleasantly nutty ale. A third brew (forgive me for not committing its name to memory) was _______ Silly, a terrific “light” summer brew. After finishing off the flight, I ordered a glass of the Dripa. It was served in a Belgium draft glass.

There were four of us ensconced at the end of an otherwise empty communal table. We ordered Apps. Many apps. First to be delivered was the fresh-baked pretzel. It was as large as a medium pizza, and in fact, delivered in a pizza box with beer cheese dip and honey mustard. Hot from the oven, the pretzel was terrific. When it cooled it lost luster. Next, delivered to our outpost. was an appetizer of chicken wings, four different wursts, with carmelized onions and mild peppers; and a meat board (with cheeses and spicy mustard). The Wurst was a stand out! Three increasing spicy sausages, accompanied by a traditional mild Bratwurst. The meat and cheeses board was also very, very pleasing. The chicken wings were large in size. They came to us unsauced, but with ramekins of spicy dips. To me, the Wings were a fail–large and dry. (disclaimer: I’m not a huge fan of sauces and dips served as go-withs for meats).

All of us were pleased with our beers. Three of the four of us raved about all of the apps. We will return.