New "Kosher" Deli in Mt. Kisco, NY - It's Organic

Really? I passed it yesterday but did not go in. It worries me. I can’t imagine the pastrami that is probably ultra lean or the devoid of fat and flavor brisket. I know, I’m assuming that it will all be free of fat and a good kosher deli sandwich can’t be that!! I will give it a try and see, but for now, the whole “organic” and “Kosher deli” does not make any sense to me!!

Hah. Perhaps the cows graze on ‘organic’ grass. IOW, they’re up to their udders* in weeds.

What a joke. I think of one word when I read ‘organic’ and see the inflated prices in Whole Foods.

The word isn’t ‘duplicity’ and it follows the identity of the poor creature that pastrami is made from.:grin:

*Yes, I know, hold your flames. I know pastrami isn’t made from dairy cows.

So funny … I was in the supermarket today and a woman handed the butcher a package of 3 beef filet tenderloin steaks and asked him to re package 1 for her … when he completed the task he handed the package back to her. With a very concerned look on her face she asked if he had trimmed “that piece of fat” for her … I was standing very close to the meat counter while witnessing this exchange, there was no visible fat on the meat … it’s would have been as effective as trimming a carrot! The look on the butchers face was priceless!

I asked the butcher for a rib roast at stop and shop. He handed me one and the beautiful fat cap on top was gone! Just meat. I left it. And remind me to write about how I feel about Le Jardin du Roi in Chappaqua. Suffice it to say, my duck great was cooked sans skin. Worst thing I ever ate.

IMO one of the worst restaurants in Westchester

Agreed. And it’s packed! It’s the no fat thing. Ridiculous.

The regular cuts of pastrami at Ben’s and both Katz’s down her in Scarsdale/Hartsdale have no visible fat. Wonder what their lean cuts look like. Needless to say the pastrami at these 3 deli’s is dry. Agree that good pastrami needs that layer of fat. I believe they remove the entire deckle part of the brisket. The deckle is the fatty bottom lay of the brisket.

Actually, I am in Epstein’s in Hartsdale about once a week and the pastrami - regular, not lean, has visible fat and is not dry at all. The brisket is hit or miss. You are right about the deckle on the brisket.

So this is the place you’re talking about –

They talk about organic poultry on their site but not their meat. You probably should stop in and look at their pastrami rather than making assumptions about it here (and no, I have no connection to them, although I did speak to the owner before they opened). They’re glatt kosher, so very pricey.

Yes, you are right, of course. I am making presumptions. But they are based on what I see up here in Westchester. I hope I’m wrong!!

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