[New Jersey] Pita?

So I made hummus a few days ago (using my new Instant Pot). Quick, easy, and delish. But then I needed to get some fresh pita… where? Unfortunately, the obvious choices (WHole FOods, Wegman’s, Shop Rite) didn’t have anything really fresh. family was pretty bummed… But hummus was good, even on newly bought but not very fresh pita.

Not sure where you are, but Reyla in Asbury Park makes them… No idea if they would sell you some, but it’s worth a call and/or and ask if they know of any place in the area!

And if you’re in NNJ, there are definitely places to get them in Paterson. There’s a whole strip of middle eastern stores and restaurants and bakeries up there…

The Sahara 34 grocery in Matawan/Aberdeen has pita. I don’t think it’s freshly baked on the premises, but I would suspect it’s better than that from a general supermarket. My guess is Halal Meats at Route 9 and Ernston Road might have it as well.

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If you want a change of pace from the usual pita bread, try Kontos Greek Lifestyle Flatbread. It has something like 20 G protein per piece and they claim some of the same elements used in Greek yogurt. Definitely a healthier option than pita, and tastes great too. Shop Rite gets $2.99 for a four pack.