New Jersey Food Instagrammers

As you may know, Instagram has become one of the essential ways that food lovers (I hate the word “foodie”, sorry) can communicate what they are eating or cooking. There are numerous food hash tags people can use to show their mouth-watering food adventures to the masses.

Who here has an Instagram that is relatively food related? I wanted to share my username (gcaggianohistorian) in the hopes that we can connect on there in addition to HO. It would be nice to get a collection of New Jersey food bloggers/Instagrammers together.

Great idea! Just followed you. Mine isn’t exclusively food, but there’s plenty of it…

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Sounds good. Mine isn’t either…maybe 90%.:smiley:

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Mine is “severalbears”

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Hi Greg, I have enjoyed perusing your blog, and you are a very welcome addition to our HONJ family.

In addition to my blog and Flickr, both of which I tag on all my posts here, I’m on Twitter (@rozrapp) and Instagram (@rozrap). I’ve been a longtime active member on Mouthfulsfood (screen name “rozrapp”) and am also a member of Food Talk Central (screen name “RGR”). The NJ board at FTC never got off the ground, but I do post occasionally on the NYC board which I do here on HO as well. Oh, and like most of the people here, I was on CH for many years.

My Blog
My Flickr


Must be my old age…but I just don’t find instagram to be interesting. I like talking about food, and insta is too picture centric for my tastes. I guess I should get with the program, I’ll add you guys and see what you have. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will check out your blog!