New Jersey China Buffets


Haha! This is hilarious. When you get greg, @jcostiones and I in a single thread, you run the risk of things going off topic lol

I will surely be down to put a dent in the snow crab population! I don’t recall if an nj China buffet gathering has been done.

I don’t think they care what you do there, as long as it is not annoying anyone else.

I remember I went to rodeio grill and these dudes brought in a 64 quart cool full of beer and a handle of jack. No issues at all. They just hung out and ate meat, and stayed calm.


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I’m hoping this is poetic license or hyperbole, because otherwise it’s incredibly rude to the other diners. I pity the poor person with mobility issues who’s hoping to get some of the better items on a buffet if all the able-bodied people take this approach.

(We were on a tour in Cambodia when they brought the appetizer for our table of six. There were six pieces on the dish and one guy grabbed the dish and took three of the items for himself. This did not endear him to the rest of us.)



The staff at the Eatontown China buffet seem to be very helpful. If someone had a mobility issue I’m confident they could ask their server to bring out some fresh crab to the table. I believe they would be well taken care of :slight_smile:


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So I’m envisioning the final scene from one of my favorite Run Run Shaw kung fu flicks. The dying master throws his scroll with all his accumulated wisdom in the center of the room and all the students fight for it.

I was taught that in this situation anything goes, so I would cheat. I have a two foot long pair of chopsticks that I think would give me the edge.


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That video was of Chinese tourists in Thailand or something like that. Unfortunately Chinese tourists have become synonymous with locusts in popular travel destinations for devastating them with garbage and and complete lack of basic human decency. Here’s an article and some pictures of what an airport in Korea looks like after a Chinese travel group went through it.

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If the Teppanyaki location you are referring to is the one adjacent to the supermarket, I used to go to there all the time as it was next door to where I got my hair cut, and they have a dim sum table that I liked. The guy who cuts my hair moved, but I stopped going to the buffet a year or so before that because it was going downhill. Walls and floors were getting dirty, and the other clientele made it a bad experience: one time a group from a local retirement community showed up, and we had to watch some poor guy who just wanted to eat his lo mein in peace get hit on by 4 other seniors who were single and ready to mingle from the same group. The next time there was a bus of Chinese tourists. I went to the restroom to wash my hands and a couple of people stuck their water bottle under the faucet I was using to rinse my hands. Rude! The place is in need of a deep clean or renovation.

Now we prefer the location in Manville. They don’t have any non-Americanized Chinese food, but they do have individual ice cream cups for dessert, which is much less gross than the places with giant tubs of ice cream that you scoop with scoops that are sitting in a water fountain. Barf.

I know this is the NJ board, but today we went to Noboru in PA. We like it a lot: looks to be owned and run by Koreans, and they focus on sushi and Korean dishes. Since it it not NJ you can get beer and wine too.


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Yes, right next to an Asian supermarket. Hong Kong I believe it is called.

As for the decor you describe, it can certainly use a sprucing up. The booths are in good order but the walls are becoming an eyesore and yeah, the bathroom ain’t great. The food, though, has never wavered.

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2 arrested in buffet brawl over crab legs


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Hahahaha could be you @corvette_johnny, better rethink your strategy at these buffets.


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Was there butter involved?



I’d let her take all she wanted.


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You might want to limit it to crab legs




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2 Claw crackers: check
Old bay: check
Stick of butter: check
2 butter warmers: check
Tea candles: check

It’s war tonight. Eatontown China buffet crab annihilation with my uncle. This dude makes me look like a joke when it comes to downing crab :joy:


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I expect pics! Also curious to see if they have corned beef and cabbage!

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I’ll check the news for riots, arrests, or lawsuits that may arise here


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Well…??? Gosh I’ve waited all day to see this set up!!

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He’s got a LOT of nerve not posting last night (when I’m sure he could barely function)…



We showed up at 845 and they were out of crab! I walked out and went to sitting duck for a cheddar burger.