New Jersey Boardwalk Food

Who’s ready for the nice weather? Does anyone have any tips on interesting (or just really good) boardwalk food in New Jersey?

I was down at Seaside Heights at the end of last year. I bought two slices of pizza, but forgot it was boardwalk sized pizza. Oops. It was huge. Too much food for me to eat, because I had already eaten dinner earlier. Pizza wasn’t very good. Average.

What was good, though, is a stand that will deep fry anything pretty much… they had a huge list on the wall… oreos, kit-kats, snickers, butter, I think slices of pizza as well. There must have been 20 or 30 items listed.

My Cousin refused to try the deep fried butter with me, and I didn’t want to eat a whole order myself so I got a kit-kat.

Whoa! We have fried butter on our boardwalks now? Is this still Seaside? I’ll have to check it out.

Everyone here in Asbury loves the boardwalk Korean tacos at Mogo. I wish we had more “traditional” boardwalk fare here - there’s not a single place you can get a proper slice here, much less a monster one.

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This comment wins the Internet, today! :yum:


@joonjoon Yes, I am not familiar with the boardwalk enough to tell you where the stand is that fries everything, but you can’t miss it.

I’ve been wanting to go to Asbury for the Korean Tacos. There is a place in Westfield, NJ called Roosterspin that makes Korean Fried wings… they take about 25 minutes to make an order.

@redjim But why does it win? Because I like fried butter or does it win because my Cousin refused to try it? In fact, my Cousin refused to try ANYTHING they offered. He’s a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, so he’s sort of picky sometimes about food.

Found your fry everything joint

MOGO’s KFC is fantastic, but you can only get it at their brick-and-mortar location, which is on Cookman Avenue in AP. But it’s open year-round… :blush:

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I don’t actually like chicken. I went to Roosterspin in Westfield, because I know my friend likes chicken wings. I just like the other stuff and side dishes. Kimchi Cheese Fries, Bulgogi Sliders, etc.