New in Wilmington, DE: De La Coeur Café et Pâtisserie

I’d love to know if anyone has been here yet, or even heard anything about this place. I just learned about it today. They’re open for breakfast and lunch Wednesday through Sunday, and one night a month they do a 1-seating 5-course prix fixe dinner for $80, which includes wine pairings for each course. It’s at the top of my “must try” list. Their website needs work, but here’s a link:

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This is in the space where Fresh Thymes Cafe, and before that another breakfast-lunch spot, used to be (2 blocks from my old house in Wilmington). I had heard something about it but didn’t know they were offering dinners–I guess it’s sort of the Talula’s Table model, only once a month instead of once a week?

I still go down there once every few weeks, so I can check out the lunch and pastry stuff next time I am in the neighborhood.

Yes, that’s the spot. It’s not exactly a Talula’s Table model because you don’t have to fill the entire restaurant (about 16-18 seats) with your reservation. Talula’s Table, BTW, offers their farm table and chef’s table dinners every night, not just weekly.

As it was explained to me by one of the co-owners, who works at Moore Brothers, Delaware liquor laws don’t permit restaurants to offer a BYO option unless they have a liquor license, in which case offering BYO would make no sense. But including wine with the cost of dinner is legal, so that’s what they’re doing.

Be sure to report back if you do stop in.

Aha, that makes it easier for dinner although I will NOT be stopping in for Valentine’s Day…someone is cooking something special for me :relaxed:

My toenails are scheduled for their next appointment at Fabrizio Salon & Spa in Trolley Square on Jan. 26, so I will make a note to stop by that day!

Just finished lunch here (my toenails got delayed since I was stuck in Florida due to the snowstorm!)

Honestly I would not make a special trip. If you’re in the neighborhood and want lunch, it’s serviceable, but no more than adequate. I had a mushroom-Gruyere crepe (comes with a pile of arugula) and a chocolate chip cookie. Neither were memorable in any way. The cookies at Big Sky Bakery are miles better, and the crepe was not any more than the sum of its (pretty basic) parts. Service is friendly. It was about 2/3 full at 1 PM on a Friday, so that’s good.

Based on what I just ate I would not pay $80 for dinner here. But maybe the dinner food is more exciting.

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