New in MA in the Rt 2/Rt 495 vicinity?

It’s been years since I got together for lunch with a friend who lives over an hour away. Are there any worthwhile new restaurants roughly midway between Ashland and Chelmsford? We aren’t picky diners but can’t handle peppers hotter than jalapeno. Thx.

Sounds special occasion-y! I’ve not been and not new, but how about Woods Table in Concord?


I am intrigued, but Woods Hill only serves dinner and Sunday brunch. We need weekday lunch. Woods Hill is probably best saved for the local harvest months, but thanks for the idea.

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We’ve been in a similar situation of a reunion-with-friends lunch along that travel corridor.

Our dining companions suggested the Berlin, MA location of the 110 Grill. It’s in a newer lifestyle mall just off Rt. 495, Highland Commons. Though this spot would not have been my pick, the staff were extremely pleasant in letting us linger over two extended late lunches in recent months. We arrived at 1:30 after the weekday lunch rush. Also it’s possible to make a reservation. That’s important to our friends who are advanced in years, and prefer a quiet table away from other diners. Food is as you would expect for a 110 Grill. This place worked for us because of the kind accommodation factor.

For a special occasion setting, Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton has started serving weekday lunch. New for them. The countryside setting is very pretty but further off Rt. 495.

Whatever you wind up doing, I hope you and your friend have a wonderful time reconnecting in person!