New In Chinatown

Three new eateries in Chinatown. Sam Rong Cafe has replaced Finn’s Cafe on Broadway. Still has the boxes of watermelon and looks like the same operation. On Waverly Place, Blossom Bakery has been replaced by ICafe Chinatown (as opposed to iCafe San Francisco on Walter U Lum Place). And Tuttimelon on Broadway has been replaced by T&T Cafe. While the gelato is still there, the snack menu seems to have been expanded.

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Too bad about Blossom Bakery. I loved its baked pork buns, which were similar to those at Cafe Bakery on Noriega. It was also a hangout for old men, who are unlikely to show up at a place named “iCafe”.

Speaking of baked pork buns, it may be old news by how that You’s, across the street from Finn’s/Sam Rong has been replaced by Dim Sum Bistro. It’ll be interesting to see what happens on that block when (IF?) China Live opens.

The new place looks like Blossom Bakery and one of the clerks looked familiar. Menu may have changed some. No more chicken buns for sure.

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